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The kite sport is practiced by young and old around the world with their own made kites or they have bought ready-made. In some countries it is a tradition that belongs to their culture, especially in Asia. But kite flying is a recreational activity in most countries. During Kite festivals that are held all over the world, people come together to kite flying. There are pilots who make their own kite, but also those who bought them in the store. One Kite festival is better known than the other. Some well-known kite festivals where pilots from all over the world come together, for example Kite Festival Dieppe (France), Kite Festival Fano (Denemark), Kite Festival Scheveningen (Netherlands), Kite Festival Cervia (Italy) and so there are more who are here at the site are listed /

We try to place as many international and national kite festivals from all over the world as possible. Is there a kite festival that you know but are not listed? Then you can send it to us.


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